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Storage and Shipping

Doprava forem valendin

After completing the production and testing of the molds, they are stored in optimal conditions until the time of shipment. Throughout the entire process, we ensure maximum attention to our products. Due to the size and nature of the molds, we choose the most suitable type of transportation, and the mold is sent to you,… Continue reading Storage and Shipping

Fine-Tuning Details

vstřikovací forma

Despite making every effort to ensure the quality of mold production, there is a likelihood that the first cast will not be perfect right away. Therefore, we are prepared to respond to any imperfections and make adjustments if necessary.

Mold Testing

Profesionální formy

We conduct mold testing at an external press. There, we ensure that the mold will produce the required parts. During the testing, production quality and mold function are thoroughly checked. If the parts are accurate and meet the required parameters, we can confidently proceed to the next phase of production.


Výroba forem Valendin

Once the design is approved by the customer, we will estimate and set the completion date in advance. Our team of experienced technicians uses modern technologies and procedures to constantly monitor quality and thus ensure a high standard of our products.


Our designers will create a 3D sketch and visualization of the model, which we will then send to you for your assessment. At this stage, you can provide your input and check whether the design is exactly according to your requirements.


Konzultace výrobu forem

Together we will go through the details and parameters of your project to fully understand your needs and requirements. Before starting the project, we will sign a contract that will include all the agreed-upon product parameters, thus confirming that all parties agree on specific goals.